RFH 3w5w UV Laser 355nm Marking Food Labels

Release time:2021/09/15

RFH 3w5w UV Laser 355nm Marking Food Labels


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The so-called people take food as their heaven. Food is an important source of energy for people's life and the physical support for people to work and create. Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to food safety. Now, the labeling of supermarkets has also received attention. .


Zhejiang marking machine customers came to RFH to explore the charm of UV laser 355nm


Mr. Liu from Zhejiang recently came to RFH to explore the charm of UV lasers. He learned about RFH UV laser marking on the Internet. Compared with traditional ink jet coding, RFH UV laser has solved its shortcomings such as easy alteration, unenvironmental protection, limited anti-counterfeiting effect, and inability to use continuously for a long time. Completely meet his requirements.


RFH UV laser with high repetition rate and comprehensive coverage for high precision marking


During the visit, he learned that the quality of the UV laser beam is superior, the frequency used is absolutely guaranteed, and it can run stably for 24 hours, and it is no longer necessary to replace the ink cartridge regularly. In addition, it can reduce costs and ensure excellent quality, and will not produce substances harmful to human body and the environment, so that the manufactured labels can be safely used on food, and it also has significant anti-counterfeiting and safety performance. Elevate and secure. In addition, the obtained label can not be worn for a long time so that the character pattern disappears, and unnecessary trouble is avoided.


3w5w UV Laser 355nm


After the visit, Mr. Liu chose 3w5w UV laser 355nm, which is more suitable for label marking, and quickly ordered one for use. He also purchased another one after use, and reached a long-term cooperation with RFH.

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