The jewelry industry has always been pursuing higher craftsmanship and finer engravings to enhance the value and appeal of its products. In recent years, with the continuous development of ultraviolet laser technology, this technology has been widely used in jewelry and jade carving. Recently, a customer in Yiwu purchased an RFH 5-watt UV laser for engraving amber jade.

As the pace of globalization accelerates, the strength of domestic manufacturing and processing industries is also constantly improving. In recent years, the German market has seen an increasing demand for high-quality plastic products, which has provided a broad stage for my country's manufacturing industry. In order to meet this demand, RFH Company has successfully entered the German market with its UV lasers, providing German customers with efficient and accurate plastic laser marking solutions.

Customers in Jingdezhen choose to purchase RFH 5W UV laser for ceramic marking. Because UV lasers have the advantages of short wavelength and small thermal impact, they are very suitable for fine engraving of ceramics. This cold working characteristic makes the engraving effect more refined and can meet the needs of high-precision processing.

A 15-watt UV laser is used to strip paint off stainless steel coatings. The effect is more durable than traditional ink printing and is not easy to erase.

The customer purchased a 10-watt ultraviolet laser for internal carving of glass crystal. This innovation applied the cold processing characteristics of ultraviolet laser technology. This processing method not only prevents the internally carved crystal from bursting during the production process, but also gives it an excellent 3D effect, making every work lifelike.

In today's manufacturing industry, laser marking technology has become an important production process. Among them, UV laser has gradually become the mainstream choice for marking pharmaceutical carton packaging due to its unique characteristics and application advantages. This article will focus on the advantages of using RFH 3W 5W UV laser cold light source to mark production date on pharmaceutical carton packaging.

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