High-speed UV laser QR code printer customers buy RFH high-power UV laser

Release time:2021/09/15

High-speed UV laser QR code printer customers buy RFH high-power UV laser


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RFH high-power UV laser is a laser equipment developed by RFH Laser Technology Co., Ltd. after more than ten years of experience. As the core component of UV laser QR code marking machine, it can achieve rapid marking and is welcomed by many manufacturers. .

Recently, a customer of high-speed UV laser QR code marking machine came to RFH headquarters to visit and observed the whole process of RFH UV laser participating in the marking.


RFH high-power UV laser can print 300 meters of QR code on plastic bottle caps in one minute


RFH UV laser adopts unique laser cavity design, which has short pulse width, excellent beam quality and perfect spot characteristics. dimensional code, and it also has quite prominent advantages in marking accuracy. The laser emitted by the ultraviolet laser can quickly scribble on the surface of the bottle cap, so that the required QR code can be quickly marked on the bottle cap, and the speed is extremely fast. It can mark a QR code of about 300 meters in one minute. Suitable for flying assembly line use.


Flying marking bottle cap QR code, RFH 15W UV laser will give you a different surprise


In addition to the fast speed, the quality of UV laser marking is also quite high, the marked QR code will not be easily erased, and the whole process is green and environmentally friendly, whether it is a beverage cap or other bottle caps can be used with confidence. During the visit, RFH also gave a detailed introduction to the computer communication and integrated design of the UV laser, so that all functions can be clearly displayed in front of customers.


RFH High Power UV Laser


After ordering the RFH high-power UV laser, this customer immediately invested in the production of bottle cap QR code marking after receiving the machine. He was full of praise for RFH's machine and gave a very high evaluation, which made RFH's reputation open again. .