532nm green laser marking glass touch screen LED button, pattern

Release time:2021/09/15

532nm green laser marking glass touch screen LED button, pattern


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LED materials have a very prominent frequency of use in the current home market, whether it is a relatively large LED TV or a smaller LED glass touch screen button, they are all welcomed. Due to the waterproof, convenient, high brightness and beautiful appearance of the LED glass touch screen, the number of people using it is increasing.


RFH 532nm high-power green laser drifts across the ocean and settles in Singapore


Recently, a customer from Singapore came to RFH, hoping to find a way to help mark the pattern on the glass touch screen LED button. So, RFH recommended the 532nm green laser for him, and let the customer see the usage and effect of the green laser through the video.

The machine matched with the RFH green laser can engrave scratches on the surface of the material using only a light spot during the entire marking process, without touching the workpiece, and without wasting materials and causing pollution.


Green laser marker with high precision and clear effect


Green laser marking is a green and environmentally friendly fast marking method. It does not need to be processed at one time, and it runs continuously for 24 hours, which saves a lot of time and cost. It is completely different from the consumables of ink jet printers.

In addition, the green laser marker has high precision and clear effect, and it will never be blurred even after a long time of placement, and it has a full guarantee of durability and long-term effect. The most important thing is that the graphic mark left by the green laser on the glass touch screen LED surface will not be erased or easily altered, and it has a longer service life.


Taking root in Singapore, RFH green laser shows high use value


After being manufactured, the green laser was shipped to Singapore by sea and established a foothold in Singapore, showing a high value of use, allowing more customers in Singapore to understand the charm of RFH.


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