How to make the laser cutting machine better realize its value

At present, with the continuous improvement of laser technology, laser cutting machines have been widely used in various industries. However, the general laser cutting machine is expensive. If it is only used for simple processing, it will be a little overkill. How to make the equipment better realize its value and create more wealth is a problem that users must consider. . So how can we better use the laser cutting machine in our hands? Universal fixtures replace special fixtures: The market requirements are changing. Some variant vehicles are produced in small batches. If the parts are completely made with molds, not only the cost increases, but also the time cannot meet the user requirements. Therefore, some parts or processes require laser cutting to complete. Initially, cutting a type of part required a fixture, which was time consuming and labor intensive, and the cost of a multi-purpose fixture was high, which led to a significant increase in costs. Therefore, an adjustable three-dimensional fixture is produced according to the production needs, which solves the problem of making a fixture every time a part is cut. Ordinary oxygen replaces high purity oxygen. The principle of laser cutting parts is actually an oxidation reaction, which requires blowing off the iron oxide with a pressurized gas during the cutting process. High purity oxygen is used in the CNC laser cutting machine because of its high purity and good effect. The price of a bottle of high-purity oxygen is about 350 yuan, and the price of a bottle of ordinary oxygen is only 12 yuan, which is huge. In addition, high-purity oxygen is not easy to buy, sometimes it will delay the transportation time due to traffic problems and affect production. There are many factors to consider when selecting a laser cutting machine. In addition to considering the maximum size, material, maximum thickness of the workpiece to be cut and the size of the raw material, more needs to be considered in the future. For example, semiconductor lasers The maximum workpiece size to be processed after the technical modification of the product made by the standard machine, the material of the material provided by the steel market, which is the most material for the product, the loading and unloading time, and so on.

  How do metal laser marking machines perform daily cleaning work?

The daily cleaning work of laser equipment is very important, especially the metal laser marking machine. Due to the high working intensity of the equipment, the maintenance and cleaning of the equipment often improves the working efficiency and can extend the service life of the equipment. So how do we carry out cleaning work in our daily use?

First, the maintenance of metal laser marking machine:

1 The laser marking machine needs to replace distilled water or deionized water (cooling water for internal circulation) every month. When replacing the water, carefully clean the water tank;

2 Clean the reflector inside the concentrating cavity every six months to ensure no scale and foreign matter in the cavity;

3 Before working every day, please uncover the optical system cover and carefully check the optical lenses for dust and water mist. If there is dust, please clean it with cleaning solution (Note: you must wait for the cleaning liquid to dry before you can start working) or use the earball to blow off the dust to avoid damage to the lens and ensure that the laser output energy is not lost;

4 Ways to clean the lens: Remove the lens from the frame, hold the cylindrical surface of the lens in the left hand, and wipe it cleanly from top to bottom with a cotton swab that has been licked through the cleaning solution. Note: Keep the cotton swab as little as possible to facilitate evaporation.

5 Method of cleaning Nd:YAG crystal:

1) Turn on the “main switch” on the control panel first, then press the “power” and “pre-burn” buttons one by one. At this time, the working state of the marking machine is pre-combustion. Take a plane mirror on the side of the laser crystal rod sleeve, and observe whether there is foreign matter on the surface of "5, Nd:YAG crystal" through the plane mirror; Note: Do not observe the Nd:YAG crystal with a plane mirror under the working condition of the marking machine. Otherwise, the laser will seriously hurt the operator's eyes!

2) If there is foreign matter or dust on the surface of the crystal, please clean it with a cotton swab dipped in the cleaning solution or blow it off with an ear wash. Note: If cleaning with cleaning solution, the marking machine must be able to perform marking after the cleaning solution has evaporated. Otherwise, the crystal will be seriously damaged. 3) Under normal circumstances, adhere to the above maintenance, the optical system will not cause major failures. In case of malfunction, please contact our company, users should not disassemble the components of the optical system at will, so as to avoid damage.

  Why use laser marking machines? Low operating costs are key

Why are more and more enterprises now adopting laser marking machines to their daily processing and production? In addition to the stable performance and convenient operation of laser marking, there is one that is used. Oh, the cost is relatively low. Although the investment in equipment for laser marking machines is larger than that of traditional marking equipment, the use of laser marking machines is much lower in terms of operating costs. for example:

1 plastic sealed triode marking: laser marking machine working speed is 10 / sec, if the equipment depreciation is calculated in 5 years, the marking cost is 0.00048 yuan / month. If you use a pad printing machine, its integrated operating cost is about 0.002 yuan / piece, or even higher.

2 bearing surface marking: If the bearing is divided into three equal parts, a total of 18 4th words, using galvanometer marking machine, the service life of the xenon lamp is 700 hours, then the bearing cost of each bearing It is 0.00915 yuan. The cost of electrocorrosion lettering is about 0.015 yuan / piece. Calculated with an annual output of 4 million sets of bearings, only one item can be marked, and the minimum cost can be reduced by about 65,000 yuan in one year. As the price of raw materials rises, the advantages of laser marking machines will become more and more obvious. If the price of domestic laser marking machines can be reduced, then users will have more.