Customer second order 3W5W10W UV laser marking bluetooth headset charging bin

Release time:2021/09/15

Customer second order 3W5W10W UV laser marking bluetooth headset charging bin



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Today, Bluetooth headsets play an important role in the use of electronic products, and have even replaced the use of wired headsets. Consumers are very satisfied with their convenient and lightweight appearance, good sound quality and use. The charging compartment of the Bluetooth headset is used as a carrier for charging and storage of the headset, and the requirements for manufacturing face-to-face are not low.


Bluetooth earphone charging box plastic surface marking, RFH UV laser makes you greatly satisfied


An electronics factory from Dongguan, Guangdong found RFH a few years ago and hoped to order RFH's 355nm UV solid-state laser to help the Bluetooth headset charging box mark text and patterns on the plastic surface.

The plastic material of the headphone compartment makes marking on its smooth surface more difficult and makes ink marking unsuitable. The ink marking method often presents problems such as uneven ink marks on smooth plastics, not beautiful enough and easy to smear. Ultraviolet laser marking can solve these outstanding problems to the greatest extent. First, the visual effect of ultraviolet laser marking is good, and the marked text has special effects and will not be easily tampered with. Secondly, the UV laser marking on the earphone compartment will only mark the required text with slight nicks at the designated position, without any damage to other surfaces of the material, which can ensure the integrity and beauty of the material to the greatest extent. Finally, UV laser marking does not require consumables, and it can be used after plugging in. The one-time investment makes the cost of post-maintenance consumables basically zero, which saves production costs to the greatest extent.


Customers are very satisfied with the effect of RFH 355nm UV solid-state laser marking charging bin


Many manufacturers who have used RFH UV lasers have ordered UV lasers for the second time at RFH. They are very satisfied with the earphone bins marked with UV lasers, which are beautiful and elegant, and the requirements of high quality and outstanding quality have been realized with the efforts of RFH.

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