RFH High Power Green Laser 532nm Engraving Drilling in Glass

Release time:2021/09/15

RFH High Power Green Laser 532nm Engraving Drilling in Glass


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The Winter Olympics are drawing to a close. In this very important Olympic Games held in Beijing to the people of the whole country, many Olympians showed their different styles. This Olympic Games also broke the records of Olympic medals and gold medals. In addition to the Olympic athletes, Bing Dun Dun, the mascot of the Beijing Winter Olympics, has also been liked for its naive appearance.


Nanosecond green laser 532nm excels at carving different patterns on glass


Mr. Chen from Guangzhou currently runs a glass factory and is good at carving different patterns on glass to sell as decorations. He has always chosen to use the RFH 532nm green laser for glass engraving. The ability of the RFH green laser to engrave is outstanding. It uses a small nano-scale light spot to engrave on the glass surface with high temperature sliding. While engraving, due to the low thermal effect, it will not work. damage to other parts.


Fast engraving with RFH green laser


In addition to the high engraving quality, the RFH green laser has a fast engraving speed, can adapt to the assembly line work, and can also achieve ultra-high production volume in the face of the fine engraving requirements of glass products. The green laser has a long continuous use time, can be continuously used for 24 hours, and has a very stable performance. It can be used only by plugging in during engraving, saving most of the cost of consumables.


532nm green laser engraves Olympic mascot Bing Dun Dun on glass


The Bingdun pier carved by Mr. Chen's RFH 532nm green laser has been loved by many people, and it has also created great benefits for Mr. Chen, allowing him to continue the smooth cooperation with RFH.

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