RFH 355nm nanosecond UV laser has no ambiguity when it comes to marking scales

Release time:2021/09/15

RFH 355nm nanosecond UV laser has no ambiguity when it comes to marking scales


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Science is not "similar". Since 2014, American scientists have tried to use silicon 28 with a purity of 99.9999% to make a nearly perfect sphere. The diameter of this sphere is 93.75mm, with only a nanometer-level error.

It is such a sphere, the production cost alone reaches tens of millions, and it took scientists 5 years to polish it. Now it is lying in Paris as a standard reference for 1kg weight units.

This is science, and it is the curiosity trend of many scientists to constantly explore the secrets of the world. From another perspective, this is also a group of extremely serious people who are turning the impossible into reality.


Stable and high-precision marking scale, which is the power of RFH 355nm laser


In the process of exploring science, precision is very important, it can be length, weight and speed, it can also be volume, temperature and time, and these units need to be scaled in their respective fields to calculate.

It is definitely not unfamiliar when it comes to scales. From scratching a piece of white paper to urban construction, accurate measurement is the foundation of everything.

Returning to reality, we all come into contact with things like rulers or measuring cups in our daily life. I wonder if you have ever wondered how the scales above are marked.


Traditional scale printing method:


Before the popularization of computers, these scales needed to be engraved in the traditional way of "screen printing ink". The tape measure and measuring cup used in the 1990s were all engraved in this way.

The traditional way of printing scales has three major disadvantages: low precision, low production efficiency, and easy fading of scale numbers.

Science can’t be ambiguous. Although measurements made in daily life do not require such precise precision, durability is open to question. Once the scale is worn, the meaning of the measurement will be lost.

It is precisely because the traditional screen printing method has so many drawbacks that after the advent of the computer, printing these scales has been replaced by a better way, which is laser.


RFH's latest S9 series UV laser has a very small size, but it can already achieve very precise laser marking, which is not only accurate, but also extremely efficient.


RFH S9 Series UV Lasers:


Laser is different from traditional printing. The scale is not printed, but a process similar to "etching" using an instantaneous high-energy laser beam, so the printed scale can be stored for a long time and is not easy to fade.

In the face of today's increasingly precise measurement requirements, the RFH S9 series UV lasers achieve precise marking while having a very small volume. Because the RFH laser has a very high degree of integration, it is very simple to install and use, no need to make a large optical path, and it is easy to use without pressure.

In terms of calibration related to scientific utensils, intensive reading requirements are very high. RFH S9 series UV lasers have very good laser quality and can have ultra-high precision of ±0.02mm.


The advantages of RFH 3w5w10w UV laser marking scale are self-evident


In addition to the advantages of excellent precision and small size, the fully digital operation mode also allows the RFH S9 series to precisely adjust the laser working environment.

Through the RS232 external controller, it can communicate with the computer remotely, adjust and monitor the laser power and other parameters in real time, so as to achieve perfect control.

RFH S9 series UV lasers have the latest technology, which eliminates the large volume and high maintenance costs of traditional lasers, and makes lasers more popular. The advantages are self-evident.


RFH UV Laser


This is the strength of RFH laser. With the support of technical strength, RFH has the technical advantage of independent research and development of power supply. Facing the future intelligent manufacturing, RFH laser can easily face it with its many years of accumulation.

Science cannot be sloppy, precision is the foundation. RFH has the confidence to challenge the ever-precise scientific process to measure the world with lasers.

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