RFH high-precision 355nm UV laser has been quietly integrated into life

Release time:2021/09/15

RFH high-precision 355nm UV laser has been quietly integrated into life


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When it comes to "laser", I don't know how many people know it. Maybe it's heard from mysterious scientific experiments, or the high-end atmospheric aerospace industry, or even the laser weapon that instantly destroys the world in science fiction movies.


No matter which channel you hear about lasers, you will think that it is very far away from the life of ordinary people, but what many people don't know is that our ordinary people's lives are actually completely inseparable from lasers.


RFH accompanies you to celebrate the new year with prosperity: laser changes life,


Give you a New Year's experience like never before

The Spring Festival is the most important festival of the year for Chinese people. In this important festival, lasers are also frequently featured, and they are very close to everyone's life. How close is it?


Every aspect of clothing, food, housing, and transportation is inseparable from lasers, and there are countless applications of RFH lasers in daily life.


Laser enriches digital life and sends you holiday blessings


With the enrichment of digital life, all kinds of dazzling digital products have flooded our lives. The time is fixed in 2022. We can complete the New Year's blessing through mobile phones or computers.


Come and experience the different life experience of RFH nanosecond UV laser


In the 3C industry, the use of lasers has been very flexible and changeable. Every blessing message we send in the New Year is backed by the silent service of lasers.

In addition to sending New Year's greetings with mobile phones and computers, the blowout development of various smart home appliances is also inseparable from lasers. The 3C industry peeling paint, shell marking, and film cutting all require precise finishing.


Food safety is bigger than the sky, and the laser shows you clearly


Although it is not the right way to live your life to eat and drink a lot during the new year, you should always treat yourself at the end of the year. When buying snacks, we all look at some important information, such as production date, food ingredients, manufacturers and so on.

In the food, pharmaceutical and even cosmetics industries, laser marking has long been commonplace.

In some places that we don't pay attention to, laser marking not only plays the role of prompting information, but also plays an important role in anti-counterfeiting. Laser printing is done once and cannot be changed in the later stage. To confirm whether to buy the real product, the laser is indispensable. Food safety is bigger than the sky. At the beginning of the new year, we should pay more attention to food safety.

New Year gifts have special meaning and exquisite workmanship


RFH 5w8w10w UV Laser Takes Engraving to the Next Level


Every New Year, buying New Year's goods is always an indispensable part, and give them to relatives, friends or yourself, and draw a happy end to the hard year. You guessed it right, all kinds of exquisite gifts have the shadow of the laser, digital 3C, glass crafts, plastic crafts, fabrics, etc., almost all the gifts you can think of have the shadow of the laser.

Because of the high processing precision, when processing some very fine handicrafts, the laser has an unmatched advantage over the traditional process, and the non-contact processing method can ensure the integrity of the material.

The RFH laser takes the precision to a higher level through digital control, no matter how delicate handicrafts are faced.

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