RFH 532nm green laser non-contact glass engraving and surface marking

Release time:2021/09/15

RFH 532nm green laser non-contact glass engraving and surface marking


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The two technologies of glass engraving and surface marking are necessary technologies in the production process of many fancy glass, and are also necessary technologies to complete glass works of art. What kind of method can be used to achieve high efficiency, high quality and low cost, RFH green laser Very vocal.


Why marking glass surface, or engraving glass, green laser is more suitable


The RFH green laser is a very suitable laser for glass marking and engraving. Due to its small wavelength, it has a high beam quality and a small focusing spot, which can realize the ultra-fine marking requirements of glass products. The minimum The accuracy can even reach 0.2mm.

The non-contact marking of 532nm green laser has high absorption rate, and is very tolerant to glass of different properties, which can carry out relatively easy marking. In addition, the heat-affected area of ​​the green laser is small, and the thermal efficiency generated is basically zero, which will not cause the glass to be damaged due to excessive laser beam energy during processing.


Laser marking or engraving glass, 532nm green laser has more say


In addition, the RFH green laser is in a dust-free production state throughout the process of glass engraving and surface marking. It only needs to be connected to the production machine to run during processing. The operation is simple, and the unique Q-switching technology also It brings more convenience to customers and is truly a laser machine that can meet the requirements of low energy consumption, simple operation, high quality and green environmental protection.


RFH nanosecond Green Laser


The RFH green laser has been continuously strengthened for more than ten years. It is installed and manufactured by using the parts of the domestic first-line brands. It is a laser suitable for glass marking and internal engraving in all aspects, and is welcomed by the majority of manufacturers.

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