355nm UV laser cold light source marking mobile phone plastic shell

Release time:2021/09/15

355nm UV laser cold light source marking mobile phone plastic shell


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The mobile phone case is not only an accessory that protects the phone from damage, but also an accessory that expresses one's own personality and enhances the freshness of the phone. The surface of the plastic case in the phone case can be marked with different patterns, and it is designed to reflect the original personality. Interpretation patterns.


Plastic mobile phone protective shell UV laser marking ice pier, high definition is not easy to fall off


Recently, a mobile phone plastic case manufacturer came to RFH to learn about and visit RFH UV lasers. This Mr. Chen hopes to mark the 355nm Bingdun dun on the plastic case of the mobile phone that was on fire due to the Winter Olympics. image.

During the visit, RFH UV lasers demonstrated different advantages from conventional lasers. First of all, the marking of the UV laser is non-contact marking, and the required pattern can be carved by moving the plastic shell with a cold light source. Secondly, the visual effect of the plastic shell marked after adding the UV laser is better, and the pattern will not be blurred after repeated grinding and use.


Mobile phone case laser laser processing, still need to see RFH 3w5w UV laser


In addition, due to the small heat-affected zone during processing, there is no thermal effect, so there is no problem of easy scorching of plastic materials with a low melting point, and the processing quality is high and the cost of product damage is reduced.

Mr. Chen is very satisfied with the performance of the RFH UV laser, and the 355nm UV laser is chosen because its frequency and fineness are more effective for marking plastic shells. The naive Bing Dun Dun on the mobile phone case will also be marked with RFH UV laser and transported to all over the world, showing the charm of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

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