Which is stronger green laser or ultraviolet laser?

Release time:2021/09/15

Which is stronger green laser or ultraviolet laser?

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In the process of RFH Laser Technology's sales, there will always be questions from consultants or customers such as "who is stronger green laser or ultraviolet laser". Faced with such a question, RFH's salespeople often answer: "No one is stronger, only who is more suitable."


What is the difference between 532nm green laser and 355nm UV laser


After more than ten years of RFH, the ultraviolet laser and green laser developed by the professional team are both machines that use the principle of laser technology for production. The differences are mainly in three aspects.

First of all, the wavelength of the green laser is 532nm, and the wavelength of the ultraviolet laser is 355nm;

Secondly, the power range of ultraviolet lasers is 3w-20w, while the range of green lasers can reach 20w-35w.

Green lasers are mostly used for internal engraving and cutting of glass, crystal, etc., while ultraviolet lasers are mainly used for coding, cutting, and scribing of plastics.

From these three aspects, the difference between green lasers and ultraviolet lasers is not small. More suitable models can be selected in terms of materials, frequencies, wavelengths, etc., so that manufacturers can produce more smoothly.


The difference between 3w-20w UV laser and 20w-35w green laser marking application


In addition, although the two machines are different, they are both processed by the non-contact type of cold light source, and they are not inferior in processing speed. They are suitable for flying processing lines and have outstanding advantages in terms of cost, land occupation, efficiency, etc. . Moreover, they are all dust-free production and are completely environmentally friendly and green high-tech products.

As mentioned above, although many customers have doubts about the choice of green laser and ultraviolet laser, RFH's enthusiastic service attitude and sincere sales attitude can quickly solve this problem and choose the best machine for customers. , and do a good job in after-sales service, so that the sales of RFH can be carried out perfectly.

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