15w20w high power UV laser is used in the assembly line for battery panel coding

Release time:2021/09/15

15w20w high power UV laser is used in the assembly line for battery panel coding

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Batteries of different sizes are used in various mechanical, electronic, household appliances and other products, so their production requires cutting and coding of different shapes and sizes to complete. In the past, battery panel manufacturers usually used ink-jet printers to mark the text and desired patterns on the surface of the panel, but now laser technology can perfectly replace the use of ink-jet codes.


RFH 355nm UV Laser Technology Can Change the Defects of Ink Coding on Panels


The sales of RFH 15w20w high-power UV lasers have continued to rise this year. The reason behind this is that ink jets are no longer used in coding technology, and UV laser technology can perfectly replace and correct the defects of ink jetting.

Different from the ink jet coding technology, which has uneven ink marks, deformation on the inner surface, easy to smear, not environmentally friendly, and frequent replacement of consumables, the RFH UV laser uses a cold light source to move on the surface of the panel, and uses the spot movement to perform coding and marking on the surface. The formed text pattern can never be erased.


High-power UV laser marking lithium battery protection board to promote the development of the electronics industry


In addition, the high power of the UV laser enables it to output stably during operation, maintain a continuous working time of more than 24 hours, and does not need to consume other materials during coding, nor does it generate dust or waste ink, which is environmentally friendly. For green high-tech products, there is no need to worry about environmental indicators.


RFH High Power UV Laser


Low energy consumption, long life, easy operation, high quality and accurate precision, these advantages constitute the hot sale of RFH high-power UV lasers, and also allow more panel manufacturers to find rectification measures to create greater benefits, and promote the electronics industry. further development.

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