UV nanosecond laser marking plastic auto parts, accompany you to travel safely

Release time:2021/09/15

UV nanosecond laser marking plastic auto parts, accompany you to travel safely


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The development of automobiles has greatly facilitated human life, and the research and development of new energy vehicles has combined greenness and convenience. Plastic auto parts occupy an important position in the development and installation of automobiles, but the complex shape and a large number of demands make the marking of characters more complicated, and the RFH UV nanosecond laser can solve this problem very well.


355nm UV laser marking new energy vehicle plastic parts, responding to green travel


Mr. Lin, who has been using ink jets in the past, changed his ink jets after a recent visit to the RFH headquarters and switched to RFH UV nanosecond lasers for marking plastic auto parts. Ultraviolet nanosecond lasers have short pulse widths and superior beam quality. When the spot ellipticity is greater than 90%, the perfect spot characteristics make them outstanding in cutting and drilling.

The integrated design of the UV laser facilitates equipment integration and makes its operation very convenient, which can be completed without professionals. In the case of laser cutting, the installation is simple, no other consumables are needed, and the cost is well controlled.


355nm UV laser marking plastic is not easy to fall off, making up for the lack of ink coding


The UV laser uses the characteristics of the cold light source to scribble on the plastic surface, and it will not disappear even when the car is started and heated, which completely avoids the shortcomings of inkjet printer production. Mr. Lin said that the disadvantages of ink jet printers in the past have been made up for in UV lasers, making his production line more profitable and product quality greatly improved.


RFH UV Nanosecond Laser


RFH UV nanosecond lasers have undertaken the highest technology in the current laser field in many aspects, aiming to become a domestic first-line laser research and development enterprise, and have been running on the road of hard wor

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