RFH 355nm UV laser marking barcode, label on the fly on IC card

Release time:2021/09/15

RFH 355nm UV laser marking barcode, label on the fly on IC card


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IC card is a microelectronic chip embedded in the card base, which can communicate with the card reader in a non-contact or contact way after being made into a card form. Used in many places. Today, more extensive technology allows IC cards to be marked with labels and barcodes, and the scope of use is wider.


If you want to use the 3w5w UV laser to print the code on the IC card, see RFH's


Mr. Liu from Hangzhou recently contacted RFH, hoping to add S9 series UV lasers to the production of new IC cards.

RFH S9 series ultraviolet laser is a good choice. The laser wavelength of this ultraviolet laser is 354.7nm, and the repetition frequency coverage is between 10kHZ-200kHZ, which can mark a variety of materials. Secondly, UV lasers have superior beam quality. Due to the high-speed movement of the cold light source, the heat-affected area during processing is small, and other parts of the material can not be damaged during the marking process. In addition to the high quality of the light source, the hardware conditions are also quite outstanding. The addition of the unique Q-switching technology can adapt to the application requirements of various lasers and make the use of the laser more stable.


RFH 3w5w UV Nanosecond Laser Shows Its Strength in IC Card Marking Industry


The S9 UV laser scribes on the surface of the IC card for many times without causing any pollution. The short processing time is suitable for the production of the flying assembly line, which fully meets the requirements of Mr. Liu's new IC card production.

Various new types of mechanical, electronic and material designs have made laser marking technology continue to improve. RFH is also advancing on the road of laser progress, striving to bring convenience and benefits to more manufacturers.

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