10w15w high power UV laser marking medical plastic articles, hygienic and sterile

Release time:2021/09/15

10w15w high power UV laser marking medical plastic articles, hygienic and sterile


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In the post-epidemic era, the mass production of medical products has also drawn more attention to the production conditions of medical products. The backward ink marking technology is no longer suitable for the current production requirements of medical products. Therefore, the application of laser marking technology has been improved. Extensive support.


RFH 10w20w UV laser is a potential stock in the medical marking industry


RFH 10w15w high power UV laser has participated in the marking of many medical plastic products. After 15 years of in-depth research and development of RFH UV lasers, a team of many professors has worked together in precision, operation, software development and other aspects.


Fast marking with RFH UV lasers


At present, the marking accuracy of the RFH UV laser has reached 0.02mm, and it can run 24 hours at high speed and stably. In addition, the shortcomings of the past ink-jet coding technology have been changed. The UV laser has zero consumables, is easy to install, and does not produce any dust and pollution during the production process. It is a green and environmentally friendly production method, and can also ensure the hygiene of medical plastic products sterile. In addition, the marking speed of the RFH UV laser is very fast, suitable for flying assembly line production, and has a distinctive and outstanding effect in terms of speed, efficiency, safety and precision.


In the post-epidemic era, high-power UV lasers play a pivotal role in medical marking


Since the outbreak of the epidemic, RFH UV lasers have always participated in the production of medical products, contributing to the health and safety of the people, taking on social responsibilities, and contributing to social security and construction and development.

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