RFH high power UV laser marking mobile phone case and cutting mobile phone case frame

Release time:2021/09/15

RFH high power UV laser marking mobile phone case and cutting mobile phone case frame


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The mobile phone case is like a small facade to modern people, and putting the mobile phone case on the mobile phone is like a symbol of their own taste. For the mobile phone case manufacturer, how to buy a machine that can meet both marking and cutting has become an urgent problem to be solved.


RFH ace 10w, 12w 15w UV laser cutting mobile phone case


At an annual mobile phone accessories exchange conference, Mr. Li from Volunteer encountered a machine that completely met his requirements. It was also here that he saw firsthand how the RFH UV laser cut and marked phone cases. The UV lasers of RFH's flagship products are divided into various wattages, among which 10w, 12w and 15w are very suitable for cutting mobile phone cases.


The high-quality spot of the UV laser cuts on the surface of the material, and the thermal effect is small


Ultraviolet lasers are characterized by short pulses, high beam quality, high peak power, etc., and can be precisely adapted to their characteristics on any material. It uses a high-quality light spot to cut on the surface of the material, with little thermal effect, without causing damage or charring on the surface of the material, and can increase the processing speed under the condition of complete quality assurance. The most important thing is that the UV laser supports cutting and marking at the same time, and can complete two processes with one machine. The marking and cutting speed is also extremely fast, which can fully meet the production of mobile phone cases, and the stability of 24-hour continuous operation is better. It gives the possibility of more acceleration in the production of mobile phone cases.


The customer decisively purchased two RFH high-power UV lasers to cut the frame of the mobile phone case


The superb technology, sturdy body and high cost performance all made this voluntary customer satisfied. She immediately contacted the manager of RFH and purchased two 10w, 12w and 15w models after visiting the RFH headquarters. The RFH high-power UV laser went into production, and the two machines helped his factory achieve higher yields and benefits.

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