Laser Engraving Jade, You Can Choose RFH Water-Cooled 15w UV Laser

Release time:2021/09/15

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Laser engraving jade, you can choose RFH water-cooled 15w UV laser

engraving jade

Jade is a symbol of beauty in ancient China, and this is where the so-called jade can nourish people. In modern times, many people will choose to carve jade into seals, which are not only beautiful, but also show taste and rich pattern in use.


However, as an extremely strong natural ore, jade has extremely high hardness and has a very good effect in carving. Mr. Chen from Shanxi recently went to RFH, hoping to find a suitable laser to help with engraving.


Mr. Chen said that the RFH 15W high-power ultraviolet nanosecond laser is very suitable for the production requirements of their jade seal engraving. It can not only meet the strict requirements of the current market, but also has innovative development. RFH nanosecond lasers can emit extremely small light spots, impact the jade surface with high-energy beams, and leave the required text and graphics.

In addition, it can customize the required patterns according to the drawings, and only needs to input the program, and it can be customized simply and quickly, which greatly expands Mr. Chen's business. The RFH nanosecond laser laser has a fast impact speed and high engraving efficiency. It can also be used on a flying assembly line. It speeds up the operation of the entire production line while ensuring absolute stability of accuracy, which fully meets Mr. Chen's requirements.


RFH has been working hard in the research and development of lasers for more than ten years. It has developed from a small and micro enterprise in the past to a research and development team with more than a dozen people. It relies on the consistent research spirit and the communication awareness of continuous contact with customers. Relying on these, today's RFH can make progress and develop together with customers.

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