10W UV Nanosecond Laser Non-Contact Cutting Copper Foil

Release time:2021/09/15

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10W UV nanosecond laser cutting copper foil without contact, no carbonization and no deformation

cutting cpper foil

Copper foil is a negative electrolytic material, a thin, continuous layer of metal foil deposited on the base layer of the circuit board, which acts as the conductor of the PCB. It easily adheres to the insulating layer, accepts the printed protective layer, and forms a circuit pattern after etching. Due to the small thickness of the copper foil, it is easy to lose balance or affect the accuracy due to relatively high impact or material, but the RFH 10w UV laser can solve this problem.


RFH UV lasers have many advantages over traditional cutting methods. First, UV lasers use a small spot for cutting, which can project light at the position that needs to be cut, and complete the cutting through the impact of energy.


Maybe you will ask, will the energy beam damage the copper foil? In fact, the UV laser can adjust the size of the laser beam. And because the thermal effect of the ultraviolet laser is almost zero, it will not cause deformation damage to the copper foil, which greatly reduces the consumables in traditional cutting and reduces the cost.


In addition, the cutting speed of the RFH UV laser is fast, it can move and position automatically, and it can complete the cutting without special care during the cutting process, with low labor requirements. Moreover, the cutting of RFH ultraviolet laser does not need to replace any materials, it can be completed only by plugging in and connecting, and the whole process is in dust-free production, without any impact on the environment and human body.

The cutting of copper foil by RFH ultraviolet laser is a great progress in copper foil production, and it is also an important part of the progress and upgrade of circuit boards. It is an honor and strength that RFH ultraviolet laser can participate in this leap.

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