RFH 3W5W Water-Cooled UV Laser For Plastic Stripping Paint, Smooth And No Residue

Release time:2021/09/15

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RFH 3W5W water-cooled UV laser for plastic stripping paint, smooth and no residue




The technology of UV laser stripping plastic paint has now fully entered our lives. In our life, there are many plastics that need to be stripped to obtain text and graphics for better use.


With the continuous development of paint stripping technology, the appearance of plastic has been greatly improved, which also makes more plastic manufacturers start to look for suitable plastic paint stripping technology.


Mr. Wang from Liuzhou recently came to RFH, hoping to order UV lasers from RFH to expand the plastic stripping production line, help his production line speed up the production progress, and improve product quality.


RFH introduced the operation principle of RFH UV laser in detail to Mr. Wang, and recommended 3w5w UV laser for plastic paint stripping process. Mr. Wang, who has been using traditional contact technology, is very pleased with the non-contact processing method, and is very satisfied with its processing accuracy within 0.2mm.

Secondly, the technicians also told Mr. Wang that the RFH UV laser can strip the paint of various plastics including PA6 and PA66, and carry out special settings for various plastic nylons of different materials. In addition to peeling paint through laser beams, RFH UV lasers can also perform a series of productions such as marking, cutting, and drilling, which surpasses similar products in terms of multiple functions in one machine. And it is also equipped with a unique Q-switching technology, which can be connected regardless of the operating program, which facilitates the operation of the manufacturer in all aspects, and is dust-free and pollution-free. The production method without adding other materials meets the increasingly stringent requirements. Environmental protection requirements allow more manufacturers to benefit from manufacturers.


Mr. Wang is very satisfied with the paint stripping technology of the RFH UV laser. After the order and transportation were completed, he used the RFH UV laser for plastic paint stripping immediately, which was welcomed and favored by many customers.


RFH has made important contributions to the development of the laser industry for more than ten years, helping many customers like Mr. Wang through technological transformation and moving towards a more scientific and cutting-edge production future, and at the same time contributing to the progress of the entire plastics industry and development has made great contributions.

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