What are the advantages of RFH 355nm355nm uv laser modules

Release time:2021/09/15

What are the advantages of RFH 355nm355nm uv laser modules


RFH is the first-line 355nm uv laser modules in China, and it has a very wide range of applications in many fields. Many customers will compare between RFH 355nm uv laser modules and imported brand lasers. Today we will talk about the advantages of RFH 355nm uv laser modules when encountering imported brand lasers.


First of all, as a local first-line laser, RFH can perform processes including marking, drilling, cutting, paint stripping, printing, etc. on a variety of materials. A machine connected to different devices can have different functions, and its software covers the machine The types are more extensive than foreign brand machines.


Secondly, RFH 355nm uv laser modules have perfect local pre-sales and after-sales services. Pre-sales consultation is convenient and factory visits are open to help customers find the models they need face to face. After-sales service includes free door-to-door delivery, warranty, one-time free mobile transportation and free lifetime technical support, etc., so that customers have no worries during use.


In addition, compared with foreign lasers, RFH 355nm uv laser modules are more in line with domestic production standards, and the products produced meet the most stringent requirements of the current domestic market, and can fully consider the needs of customers and consumers, so as to customize and deploy the most suitable models .


From the above three points, it can be seen that RFH has the same or even better functions and precision than foreign brand machines, can output stably, and is better than foreign brand lasers in terms of service and function, so it has become the best choice for many customers .

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