RFH 5w Green Laser Engraving Glass Bottle

Release time:2021/09/15

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RFH 5w green laser engraving glass bottle


Glass bottles can not only be used to hold beverages, but also can be placed in homes or offices as works of art, becoming a part of office decoration and a symbol of personal taste.


At present, the design of glass bottle art is very rich, but due to the particularity of plastic materials, it is difficult to carve and it is difficult to customize and can only be designed with molds. However, the emergence of RFH green laser has brought new vigor and vitality to the glass laser cutting industry.

The RFH 5w green laser emits ultra-high-energy laser beams to scratch the glass surface. During the process, the glass surface will not be broken due to the sudden impact of the laser beam. The reason is that the thermal effect of the UV laser radiation engraving is basically zero.


Secondly, the sculpture precision of RFH green laser far exceeds that of mold products and similar products. It can maintain the precision of 0.2mm and can meet the requirements of private custom-made glass bottles, opening up new fields for customers.


In addition, RFH, as a company that has been researching the laser industry for more than ten years, is also very careful in terms of after-sales service. In addition to free machine movement, warranty and quality assurance, RFH also provides lifetime free technical support to help customers break through problems in use, and constantly progress.


The research and development of RFH green laser has brought together the strength of more than a dozen people in the R&D team, many of whom have Ph. first-line products.

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