Customer decisively chooses RFH 3 watt UV laser module cutting mobile phone case

Release time:2021/09/15

Customer decisively chooses RFH 3 watt UV laser module cutting mobile phone case


Mr. Zhang, a customer in Kunshan, purchased a batch of 3 watt UV laser modules produced by our company. This customer is specialized in mobile phone assembly. When workers assemble mobile phone casings, they often encounter some unqualified products. It would be a pity to throw away non-compliant mobile phone cases. After all, it was bought with money, and it's not just one or two mobile phone cases that have this problem.


So Mr. Zhang bought a batch of inkjet marking machines. However, after a period of time, he found that the QR codes and logos on the products were not very clear and were easily erased. Later, RFH's 3 watt UV laser module was used for marking after many inquiries, because UV laser marking can easily print high-definition marks on plastics and plastics, and will not burn or deform materials due to overheating. It is not comparable to optical fiber and co2 laser, not to mention the inkjet marking machine with poorer effect. After using the RFH S93 watt UV laser module, Mr. Zhang is less troubled. At the same time, because of the 3W3 watt UV When the laser module is used for cutting, marking, and punching, there will be no burrs, and the printed logo will be smoother and clearer. Mr. Zhang's customers also said that this batch of products is much easier to use than the previous ones.

As a national high-tech enterprise, RFH has a professional research and development team, bringing together senior professors and scholars at home and abroad. Concentrating on research and development for 13 years, in-depth research on high-quality new products, the solid 3 watt UV laser module developed by it has the advantages of high power stability, excellent beam quality, long life, low cost, faster speed, and higher precision. This undoubtedly brings good news for the efficient, high-quality, low-cost processing of various processing manufacturers.


The S9 series 3 watt UV laser module can not only easily cope with fine processes such as mobile phone case marking and cutting, but also has a wide range of applications in smart home appliances, 3C fields, 3D printing, and glass marking and internal carving. After continuous upgrading and improvement, the current S9 series has achieved a high precision of ±0.02mm, and can be efficiently used in various fields of flight marking and other equipment.


I have to say, the three advantages of S9 series 3 watt UV laser module

one. The compact design not only saves space, it is portable and mobile, and the most important thing is that there is no need to enlarge the optical path, which reduces cost and saves space.


two. The unique Q-switching control technology is suitable for various laser application control requirements. The cavity structure is highly expandable and stable, and can generate a variety of power lasers.


three. It adopts all-digital intelligent power control technology and supports communication with the computer, so that the laser can be remotely controlled. The integrated design facilitates equipment integration.

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