Guangdong customers purchase RFH 5W UV laser for marking pharmaceutical bottles

Release time:2021/09/15

Guangdong customers purchase RFH 5W UV laser for marking pharmaceutical bottles



Recently, a customer in Guangdong purchased an RFH 5W UV laser for marking pharmaceutical bottles. This decision not only reflects customers' trust in RFH products, but also further confirms RFH's leading position in the field of laser marking.



As a well-known domestic laser equipment manufacturer, RFH has been committed to providing high-quality, high-performance laser equipment to customers around the world. The 5W ultraviolet laser purchased by the customer this time is another masterpiece of RFH. It has been warmly welcomed by the market for its unique performance and wide range of application fields.


This ultraviolet laser uses advanced solid-state laser technology and has the advantages of high precision, high speed, and high stability. During the marking process of pharmaceutical bottles, clear and lasting markings can be quickly and accurately carved, effectively improving the quality and efficiency of pharmaceutical production. In addition, UV laser marking is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, meeting the current needs of green production.



The Guangdong customer's purchase decision undoubtedly provides strong support for RFH's expansion in the pharmaceutical industry. RFH will continue to adhere to the corporate purpose of "customer first, quality first" and provide our customers with better and more professional services.



Through this cooperation, the cooperative relationship between RFH and Guangdong customers will be closer, and both parties will make progress together in the development of the pharmaceutical industry. We look forward to working with more partners in the future to jointly promote the innovation and development of laser marking technology.

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