Shenzhen customers purchase RFH 10W UV laser for marking jade

Release time:2021/09/15

Shenzhen customers purchase RFH 10W UV laser for marking jade



Shenzhen, a prosperous city, has always been an important market for jade trading. Recently, a Shenzhen customer purchased an RFH 10W UV laser in order to improve the efficiency of jade marking.



In the jade industry, marking is a very important part. It can not only help consumers identify the authenticity of jade, but also increase the added value of jade. However, traditional marking methods can no longer meet the needs of Shenzhen customers. After learning about the efficiency and accuracy of the RFH UV laser, he decided to purchase one to improve marking efficiency.


The RFH 10W UV laser is a high-tech product that uses ultraviolet rays for laser marking and can leave permanent marks on the surface of jade. Compared with traditional marking methods, UV laser marking has higher accuracy and faster speed. In addition, UV laser marking will not cause any damage to the jade, ensuring the integrity and beauty of the jade.



The purchasing decision of Shenzhen customers is based on their trust and recognition of RFH UV lasers. His choice also proves the leading position of RFH UV laser in the field of jade marking. I believe that in the days to come, RFH UV lasers will continue to make greater contributions to the development of the jade industry.

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