Russian customers choose RFH 3W/5W UV laser to achieve black marking on plastic bottle caps

Release time:2021/09/15

Russian customers choose RFH 3W/5W UV laser to achieve black marking on plastic bottle caps



Recently, a Russian customer decided to use RFH 3W and 5W UV lasers for black marking on plastic bottle caps. After in-depth understanding, we learned that this customer has very high requirements for product quality and labeling. Therefore, they were looking for a way to achieve clear, durable marking without compromising product quality. After multiple comparisons and on-site inspections, they finally chose the RFH UV laser.


The application of RFH UV laser on plastic bottle caps has obvious advantages. First of all, it uses ultraviolet laser technology to achieve precise marking, and the minimum spot size can reach the micron level. Secondly, because it uses a cold light source, it will not have a thermal impact on the plastic material, thus avoiding blurring or deformation of the logo caused by thermal damage. In addition, RFH UV lasers offer long service life, low maintenance costs and high reliability. These characteristics make it have broad application prospects in the field of plastic bottle cap marking.



During the specific operation, the Russian customer used RFH 3W and 5W UV lasers. Among them, the 3W laser has higher power, can complete the marking task in a shorter time, and is suitable for high-efficiency production lines. The 5W laser has a larger spot size, which can provide a more uniform energy distribution for plastic bottle caps while ensuring accuracy, and is suitable for occasions that require higher depth and clarity of markings.



RFH UV lasers also offer the following advantages during the purchasing process. First of all, it adopts advanced control system and optical system, which can meet the marking needs in multiple modes. Secondly, RFH UV laser has a complete after-sales service system to provide customers with a full range of technical support and solutions. In addition, it also has a professional R&D team and a complete product line, which can carry out customized development according to the specific needs of customers to meet the diverse needs of customers.



It is a wise move for Russian customers to choose RFH UV laser to achieve black marking on plastic bottle caps. It not only improves the quality of the product and the aesthetics of the logo, but also reduces the production cost and cycle. In the future, as the market's requirements for high quality and high marking continue to grow, we believe that the application of UV lasers in the field of plastic bottle cap marking will become more and more widespread.

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