RFH High Power UV Laser Cutting Coated Glass

Release time:2021/09/15

High power UV laser cutting coated glass


Ultraviolet lasers, as a high-power advanced tool, are gradually attracting people's attention. Driven by modern technology, UV lasers are no longer just used to mark or engrave simple surface materials. They are also used in various fields, showing their unique charm and practicality.

When it comes to the application of UV lasers, cutting coated glass must be a compelling topic. Film-coated glass, as a high-grade building material, has the characteristics of beauty, durability and safety, and is widely used in modern buildings. However, because the surface is covered with a special protective film, the traditional cutting method is insufficient.


The emergence of ultraviolet lasers has brought a new solution for cutting coated glass. High-power UV lasers can easily and accurately cut coated glass through their powerful energy, opening up unlimited creative possibilities for designers.


High power UV lasers offer clear advantages over traditional cutting methods. First of all, its high-energy UV beam can easily penetrate the coating layer and precisely cut out the shape and pattern the designer wants without worrying about damage to the coating layer. Secondly, during the UV laser cutting process, there is almost no heat-affected zone and physical contact, which greatly reduces the possible cracks and creases. The most important thing is that the edges cut by the UV laser are very smooth and do not require subsequent grinding and trimming, which greatly improves work efficiency and quality.

In addition to high-quality cutting results, UV lasers bring new artistic expression to coated glass. By flexibly adjusting laser parameters, designers can create a variety of exquisite patterns, lines and text, pushing the boundaries of glass art to new heights. Whether it is creating a unique look and feel in architectural design or creating a different artistic taste in interior decoration, UV lasers can realize the unlimited imagination of designers.


To sum up, the application of high-power ultraviolet lasers in the field of cutting coated glass will bring new breakthroughs in architectural design and decoration. Its precision, efficiency and artistry will undoubtedly become a new trend in the fields of architecture and art in the future. Let’s wait and see and witness the amazing performance that UV laser brings to coated glass!

Expert III 355 series UV DPSS laser, developed and produced by RFH, covers 10w-20w in laser power with short pulse width (<20ns@40K) ,superior beam quality (M²<1.2) and perfect laser spot quality (beam circularity >90%). It is widely used in PE/PCB/FPC cutting, glass & sapphire cutting, drilling, scribing & cutting used in high precision micromaching areas.

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