RFH 20W UV laser for cutting ceramics: advantages of new technology

Release time:2021/09/15

RFH 20W UV laser for cutting ceramics: advantages of new technology


Ceramics, due to their unique physical and chemical properties, have become key materials in modern manufacturing. From aviation, electronics to medical fields, ceramics are increasingly used in applications. But the hardness and brittleness of ceramics make processing them challenging. Traditional machining methods can result in large heat-affected zones or defects. This makes high-precision laser cutting technology, especially RFH's 20W UV laser, the leading choice in this field.

RFH 355nm Nanosecond uv Laser Cutting Of Ceramics

1. Precise cutting with minimal heat affected zone


Due to the short wavelength characteristics of UV lasers, it can achieve very precise cuts that far exceed traditional mechanical or other types of laser cutting methods. In addition, the "cold working" technology provided by UV lasers can greatly reduce the heat-affected zone, ensuring that ceramics will not be damaged or develop defects due to excessive heating.


2. Contactless processing


Laser cutting is contactless, meaning there is no physical friction with the material. Not only does this protect the ceramic discs from physical damage, it also greatly extends the tool's service life and reduces maintenance and replacement costs.


3. Flexible processing capabilities


Whether it’s complex geometries or tiny cuts, RFH’s 20W UV laser can handle it with ease. Its height adjustability and precision make it ideal for fabricating custom parts or performing detailed machining.


4. Save time and costs


Compared with traditional mechanical processing, UV laser cutting is faster and more efficient. This means shorter production cycles and lower tooling costs, resulting in higher returns for manufacturers.



The RFH 20W UV laser brings unprecedented precision and efficiency to ceramic cutting. With the advancement of technology and the growth of the market, we have reason to believe that this advanced cutting technology will continue to lead and bring more innovation and opportunities to the ceramic manufacturing industry.


Note: This article is speculation and creation based on existing knowledge, not actual evaluation or experimental data. Detailed research and consultation is recommended when making decisions about purchase or use.

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