RFH 355nm Ultraviolet (UV) Laser Modules Help You Achieve Difficult Glass Surface Marking

Release time:2021/09/15

RFH 355nm Ultraviolet (UV) Laser Modules help you achieve difficult glass surface marking


laser engraving glass

China has had the custom of using glass since ancient times, and crystal clear glass is made into various wine glasses, containers, decorations and other glasses. This is also a true portrayal of the Chinese people's pursuit of a better life since ancient times. Using beautiful glasses and crystal cups to make people feel comfortable has become synonymous with high-end cultural life, and various glass cup industries are also booming at home and abroad.


In the process of pursuing a refined and beautiful life, people have never stopped making efforts and changes in technology. In fact, the emergence of a better life always starts from science. And how to make the glass more beautiful, more anti-counterfeiting, and more refined is what glass manufacturers are striving to seek.


How to be more eye-catching, novel and changeable in appearance decoration? Various text patterns are used to beautify the glass, surface marking, engraving, and printing a good-looking logo, etc., which have become the source of attraction for people to buy.


And because the glass is a curved glass, it is difficult to carve on it. Some traditional processing methods such as printing, mechanical, inkjet printing, chemical corrosion, etc., have become more and more difficult due to their respective defects. Unable to meet the demanding and complicated modern glass beautification processing, a new and perfect processing method is quietly coming.




Emerging glass processing methods


It is also glass marking and carving, why can other people's processing methods reduce the defect rate and reduce costs? Why is his family's processing method so efficient, and the patterns are complex and novel, and the processing is more refined and high-end? more likable? Laser processing can answer all these questions for you.


As a non-contact processing method, laser processing can maintain the original precision of the glass without causing damage to the glass, and can carry out photoelectric integrated processing through the software system, and carry out remote software drawing without contact. It is easy to mark two-dimensional codes, anti-counterfeiting codes, characters, patterns, logos, trademarks, etc. on various glasses, and the processing speed is extremely fast and the efficiency is also high. The precision of the carved text and patterns can reach the micron level , the degree of reduction is extremely high. It makes up for the environmental pollution caused by traditional processing methods, and the drawing is difficult, the reduction degree is low, and the workpiece is damaged. It quickly becomes the new darling of glass product processing by virtue of its own advantages, and is even listed as a processing tool in the industry.


Glass processing dilemma





Glass or crystal cup itself is relatively fragile, and its arc-shaped cup body is not regular. It is more difficult to mark, etch and carve on it. If you don't pay attention to it, the whole cup will be broken and scrapped. Indirectly increased its cost, resulting in great waste.



High-end life products are inseparable from lean craftsmanship as wings, and the emergence of lasers has brought a new environmentally friendly, cost-effective, high-efficiency and high-quality processing method, subverting the processing method of high-quality glass and crystal cups. A new technological revolution has been brought about.




"Cold processing" expert


355nm Ultraviolet (UV) Laser Modules, as a cold processing tool, can easily handle the processing of fragile materials such as curved glass and crystal. It has narrow pulse width and concentrated energy, which can directly destroy the chemical bonds of substances without heating, and is convenient and quick to operate, and is environmentally friendly. Therefore, it is an ideal tool for processing fragile materials. It can be used for marking, etching, engraving, etc. on the glass, and its application is very popular and extensive. Through computer operation and control, it can be precisely processed according to the design, and the pattern can be from millimeter to micron, so the anti-counterfeiting is good, the pattern is clear, neat and beautiful, and the traditional process cannot be compared with it.


RFH S9 series




For the processing of complex curved surfaces such as glass and crystal cups, RFH Laser, together with senior R&D teams at home and abroad, has made great efforts to create the solid 355nm Ultraviolet (UV) Laser Modules.


Its compact design not only saves space and facilitates movement, but also avoids enlarging the optical path, effectively reducing costs and extending the lifespan.


Its peak power is high, and with the peripheral system, it can achieve very high processing accuracy, and the cavity structure is stable and expandable, and can generate multi-power laser. It can carry out marking, anti-counterfeiting and engraving of glass with high quality and stability.


People are increasingly pursuing exquisite and personalized life, and technological innovation satisfies people's various fantasy explorations for a better life. RFH Seiko has been focusing on the research and development of industrial-grade high-end solid-state lasers for 13 years. It proceeds from reality and develops from practice to obtain the most accurate user needs and develop the most practical, convenient, high-quality and stable lasers. Choosing RFH means choosing rest assured. worry!Nanosecond UV Laser

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