Ceramic Laser Processing By RFH 15w Solid-State 355 Nm Ultraviolet UV Laser

Release time:2021/09/15

Ceramic laser processing, RFH 15wsolid-state 355 nm ultraviolet UV laser

Ceramic is a material widely used in industry, life, art and other fields. It has the advantages of high hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. In order to meet different needs, ceramic surfaces usually need to be marked to display product information, brand logos, decorative patterns, etc.

As ceramic products penetrate into all aspects of life, the development of modern ceramic technology is very important. We need a new marking method that is more efficient, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, healthy and pollution-free.


Marking ceramic surfaces is no easy task:


1. Ceramic materials do not absorb laser light well, and will produce a large degree of diffuse reflection during marking, even close to total reflection, so it is difficult for lasers to mark and color ceramic surfaces.


2. Ceramic materials have the characteristics of high hardness, high brittleness, and low thermal conductivity, which are easy to cause damage such as cracks, falling off, and deformation.


3. Ceramic materials come in a variety of colors and shapes, and different processing methods are required to adapt to different marking requirements and effects.


Although it is not easy to mark the surface of ceramics, with the development of ultraviolet laser, in most cases, ultraviolet laser can be given priority.


The following is an example of RFH ultraviolet laser blackening on the surface of ceramics. The text is clear, the color difference is obvious, and the efficiency is extremely high. Use RFH UV laser marking, which belongs to non-contact processing, which can ensure processing accuracy.


Unlike traditional ink and other processing methods, when using ultraviolet laser marking, there is no pollution or harmful substances to the human body, and the efficiency is extremely high. Observe the characters carefully, the edges are clear and sharp, and it is still easy to face fine marking.


RFH Expert III 355 High Power UV Pulsed Solid-State Laser: Renewing Ceramics

RFH Expert III 355 series solid-state 355 nm ultraviolet UV laser is a high-power, high-stability, high-precision UV diode-pumped pulsed solid-state laser. Its advantages in ceramic marking are as follows:


1. RFH Expert III 355 has superior beam quality (M²<1.2) and perfect spot characteristics (spot ellipticity>90%), which can achieve high-precision, high-resolution, high-contrast marking effects, suitable for complex, Fine, aesthetically pleasing patterns can be marked on ceramic surfaces of various colors and shapes without pre- or post-treatment.


2. RFH Expert III 355 has a short pulse width (<25ns@50k), and the heat-affected zone is very small during processing, which can avoid damages such as cracks, falling off, and deformation of ceramic materials, and maintain the original texture and appearance of ceramics.


3. RFH Expert III 355 has high power (up to 20W), which can provide more processing possibilities, while greatly improving production efficiency and saving costs


In addition to the above advantages, RFH Expert III 355 series solid-state 355 nm ultraviolet UV laser also adopts unique Q-switching control technology, which can adapt to various laser application control requirements; this is a "laser dedicated power control system" independently developed by RFH , also represents RFH's 16 years of research and development technology accumulation.


In addition, this power supply control system adopts all-digital intelligent control, which can communicate with the computer through the RS232 serial port, and accurately control the laser parameters externally.


RFH Expert III 355 series solid-state 355 nm ultraviolet UV laser has a small size and integrated design, which is convenient for equipment integration, and does not need to enlarge the optical path, further saving costs.


In RFH, the whole process of dust-free production, high-quality electronic components, rigorous assembly process, inspection before delivery and high-quality after-sales service are the reasons why RFH laser has a better reputation than its peers. After 16 years of ingenious forging, RFH has become a global manufacturer of industrial-grade all-solid-state lasers, with industry-leading technical capabilities.