355nm Pulsed UV Solid State Laser Module Subsurface Engraving Glass Cup

Release time:2021/09/15

RFH 5w UV pulsed lasers are good at paint stripping glass mirrors



With the continuous improvement of the level of science and technology and the economic level, people's home decoration has many tricks. The glass mirror can already design and produce complex patterns and characters, and the weight of the glass mirror can be customized. In the past, the paint stripping process of glass mirrors was very difficult and the production was less. Today, the focus of mirror stripping has shifted to how to more efficiently strip paint production.


RFH 5w UV pulsed lasers are good at stripping mirror paint. They participated in the process of mirror paint stripping a few years ago and have exerted great advantages in this field.

First of all, RFH 5w UV pulsed lasers belong to non-contact processing, only need to emit extremely small light spots to strip the paint, and can automatically position during the stripping process, clearly depicting the customized mirror surface.


Secondly, RFH 5w UV pulsed lasers have extremely strict requirements in terms of power, beam quality and pulse width, etc., which makes the processing effect of RFH very good, with an accuracy of about 0.02mm, and can run stably for 24 hours to the greatest extent, greatly improving improved processing efficiency.


In addition, the paint stripping process of RFH 5w UV pulsed lasers can be used only by connecting to the power supply, without adding other auxiliary materials, and will not generate any dust during the processing, which is very friendly to the environment and human body.


Every RFH 5w UV pulsed lasers has undergone strict checks and quality inspections to ensure that electronic components are output in a dust-free environment. Professional power supply and air-cooled and water-cooled settings make the machine’s needs fully met, thus creating an excellent RFH products.


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