What Kind Of Laser Is Best For Peeling Paint On Transparent Plastic, Pls Choose RFH 3w Solid State UV Laser 355nm

Release time:2021/09/15

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What kind of laser is best for peeling paint on transparent plastic, of course RFH 3w Solid State UV Laser 355nm


nanosecond laser paint peeling on the surface of  plastic


Transparent plastics tend to shift during the marking process, and the traditional ink marking method is very easy to be wiped off during use, which affects the use of the product. So, what machine can better mark on transparent plastic? RFH launched 3wSolid State UV Laser 355nm.


RFH Solid State UV Laser 355nm adopts the cold light source paint stripping method, scratches the transparent plastic through the small light spot, and peels the transparent plastic through the high energy of the light spot. Unlike traditional inks that leave graphics and text on transparent plastics, Solid State UV Laser 355nm's paint stripping process will not fade over time.


In addition, although Solid State UV Laser 355nm continuously emits ultra-high energy, its thermal effect is basically zero, so it will not cause damage to the plastic material so that it cannot maintain the state before the paint is peeled off.


In addition, RFH Solid State UV Laser 355nm can run continuously for 24 hours, and the paint stripping accuracy reaches about 0.2mm. The built-in positioning system allows the operator to obtain exactly the same stripped paint products without manual calibration during the paint stripping process.

In addition to being perfect in the products produced, RFH is also comprehensive in after-sales service. RFH promises free delivery for customers, warranty within two years, and free lifetime teaching of laser technology.


Regardless of after-sales or product quality, RFH 3wSolid State UV Laser 355nm can help customers perfectly achieve the paint stripping effect by surpassing similar products, allowing more transparent plastic products to enter the market and thousands of households.

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