RFH Infrared Laser Nano-Spot, Scribing Metal Paint Surfaces

Release time:2021/09/15

RFH Infrared Laser Nano-Spot, Scribing Metal Paint Surfaces


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The problem of black metal paint surface has always been a major problem that plagued many small and medium-sized marking enterprises. Due to insufficient technical level, the introduction of high-tech technology is too expensive, and metal paint surface marking is difficult. Popularity has not been resolved.


Infrared lasers blacken the metal paint surface to overcome the problems that have plagued customers for a long time


Today, many growing small and medium-sized enterprises have successfully solved this problem. The biggest reason is the research and development of RFH infrared lasers. The RFH infrared laser uses a nano-scale light spot to scribe the surface of the metal paint, and uses the ultra-high temperature to process the surface, and only scribes a specific area while processing, and perfectly avoids other metal positions, making it The final result is quite outstanding.


The metal paint surface is blackened, and the effect is outstanding when using the RFH infrared laser


This is because the thermal effect of the infrared laser is basically zero, the heat-affected area is small, and the marking position after installation is stable, which can ensure the accuracy of blackening to the greatest extent. In addition, the high peak power of the infrared laser spans the different requirements of various materials, so that metal paint surfaces with different characteristics can also be perfectly blackened.


Infrared lasers save companies a lot of money in production


In addition to the ultra-high marking quality, the help of infrared lasers to small and medium-sized growing enterprises is that in addition to the initial investment in purchasing the machine, it only needs to be plugged in to run, which perfectly avoids the loss of materials and operator costs. Simple The use and long life of the machine save a lot of cost for the production of the enterprise.


High-tech, low-cost, high-quality RFH laser machine


RFH has experienced more than ten years of growth, from the initial small enterprise to today's scale, along the way is also inseparable from the help of many partners, today's RFH also hopes to provide other small and medium-sized enterprises to grow after overcoming many difficulties. Help, develop more high-tech, low-cost, high-quality laser machines for them, and contribute to production.

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