Cold light source UV laser 5w8w10w is great for marking plastics

Release time:2021/09/15

Cold light source UV laser 5w8w10w is great for marking plastics



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Nanosecond UV laser is currently the most advanced laser technology product developed by RFH. Its advantages in plastic marking are more prominent than ordinary UV and green light, and it is among the best in the field of blackening the surface of plastic products.



RFH nanosecond UV laser makes black on the surface of plastic products, clear and no hand feeling


The nanosecond ultraviolet laser uses a cold light source, which has the most suitable pulse width and the highest peak power in theory, and can perform a reasonable black process on the plastic surface. But there is no difference in feel, and it is very friendly to the marking of major brand logos.


Less thermal impact on plastics when marking with nanosecond UV lasers


The thermal influence of the nanosecond UV laser on the plastic can be ignored during marking, and there will be no thermal effect in the area with little thermal influence, nor will the material be deformed or scorched due to the high energy of the laser beam. In addition, nanosecond UV lasers have fast up-to-standard speed, high efficiency, long continuous use time and stable performance, which are very suitable for production on the assembly line, and the blackened products have the characteristics of never fading.


RFH 355nm solid-state laser makes plastic marking customers full of praise after use


These characteristics and specialties of nanosecond UV lasers have been preemptively used by many old customers when they were first launched, and many customers were full of praise after using them. RFH's more than ten years of research and development has never been stagnant because of overnight leadership, but has always been at the forefront of laser technology, hoping to continue to develop more laser technology products to provide domestic laser technology.

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