Laser marking detection kit, must-have-UV nanosecond laser 355nm

Release time:2021/09/15

Laser marking detection kit, must-have-UV nanosecond laser 355nm



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At present, although the epidemic has been controlled to a certain extent, wave after wave of epidemics and even new crown variants are still disrupting our lives. In the medical field, new crown detection reagents are still under continuous development, and South Korea, which is currently quite serious, is also using new crown self-testing reagents.


High-speed environmental protection, no wonder the detection kit manufacturer chose RFH 3W5W UV laser


In the production of new crown self-testing reagents, RFH 3W5W UV laser participated in the high-speed marking of its surface. The main material of the new crown self-inspection test shell is plastic, and the backwardness of traditional ink-jet coding technology has also hindered the production of many manufacturers.

Ink coding and marking uses ink to mark the surface of the material, which requires a lot of ink, the machine is easy to damage, slow, and not environmentally friendly. Various shortcomings make it almost eliminated in the market.


RFH UV lasers are green and environmentally friendly high-tech products


The RFH 3W5W UV laser 355nm completely avoids these problems. The RFH UV laser utilizes a light spot with a laser wavelength of 345.7nm to quickly scratch the surface of the material. The superior beam quality ensures the quality in all frequency ranges. In addition, there is no need to worry that the surface of the material will be damaged by the temperature. Since the heat-affected zone during processing is small, other parts will not be damaged during processing, resulting in an increase in cost. RFH UV lasers are high-tech products that are green and environmentally friendly, and will not produce any pollution in the process of helping reagents to be marked.


RFH 3W5W UV Laser 355nm High Speed ​​Marking Test Kit for Korean Novel Coronavirus


The RFH 3W5W UV laser can participate in the marking process of the self-testing new crown reagents exported to South Korea, which shows the strength and status of RFH in the laser field. It can also be seen from this that RFH's goal of becoming a world-class laser company is continuing. accomplish.

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