High Power 15W 355nm UV Laser Marking Lithium Battery Tab Cutting Solar Panel

Release time:2021/09/15

High Power 15W 355nm UV Laser Marking Lithium Battery Tab Cutting Solar Panel


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At present, the research level of laser technology in my country is constantly improving, and in some fields it can catch up with Western countries. Many laser-related companies prefer domestic machines in the selection of laser machines. This is the case with the manufacturers who recently purchased high-power 15w 355nm UV nanosecond lasers from RFH.


Customers switch to RFH high power UV lasers instead of US brand lasers


Mr. Chen, who has been using American lasers in the past, resolutely replaced outdated American machines after visiting the RFH headquarters recently, and replaced them with RFH high-power 15w 355nm UV lasers for marking lithium battery tabs and cutting solar panels.


The perfect spot characteristics of the RFH UV laser make it outstanding for cutting and drilling


Ultraviolet lasers have short pulse widths and superior beam quality. When the spot ellipticity is greater than 90%, the perfect spot characteristics make them outstanding in cutting and drilling. The integrated design of the UV laser facilitates equipment integration and makes its operation very convenient, which can be completed without professionals. In the case of laser cutting, it can be used only by plugging in, no other consumables are required, and the cost has been well controlled. For Mr. Chen, what attracts him most is RFH's unique Q-switching control technology, which uses various Confucius requirements for laser applications, longer laser life, and stable operation that is not inferior to Western products.


RFH high power 15w 355nm UV nanosecond laser catches up with western brands


RFH's ten years of perseverance has greatly boosted domestic laser design and manufacturing, and also made the development of domestic lasers faster. Supporting domestic laser machines and boosting the development of the laser industry is the goal and responsibility shared by RFH and other manufacturers.

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