Leather is a widely used material and is also synonymous with high-end. It is often used to make clothing, shoes and hats, bags, furniture and other products. Leather has the characteristics of soft texture, durability, and beauty. Leather marking is to engrave text and patterns on the surface of the leather, which is not only personalized but also promotes the brand.

Infrared laser little thermal influence,  peeling paint keyboard without deformed

1064nm Infrared laser source paint peeling on the keyboard without fall off

Release time:2023-12-01

For sixteen years, RFH has been committed to one thing - focusing on the development of high-end, high-quality, high-precision UV solid-state lasers. The professionalism and complexity of this field require us to continuously deepen and strive for excellence in technological research and development. From the initial basic research to the current transformation of results, RFH has always insisted on continuous investment in the field of ultraviolet solid lasers and has achieved a series of remarkable achievements.

The jewelry industry has always been pursuing higher craftsmanship and finer engravings to enhance the value and appeal of its products. In recent years, with the continuous development of ultraviolet laser technology, this technology has been widely used in jewelry and jade carving. Recently, a customer in Yiwu purchased an RFH 5-watt UV laser for engraving amber jade.

As the pace of globalization accelerates, the strength of domestic manufacturing and processing industries is also constantly improving. In recent years, the German market has seen an increasing demand for high-quality plastic products, which has provided a broad stage for my country's manufacturing industry. In order to meet this demand, RFH Company has successfully entered the German market with its UV lasers, providing German customers with efficient and accurate plastic laser marking solutions.

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