Customer chooses RFH 5-watt UV laser for amber jade carving

Release time:2021/09/15

Customer chooses RFH 5-watt UV laser for amber jade carving


The jewelry industry has always been pursuing higher craftsmanship and finer engravings to enhance the value and appeal of its products. In recent years, with the continuous development of ultraviolet laser technology, this technology has been widely used in jewelry and jade carving. Recently, a customer in Yiwu purchased an RFH 5-watt UV laser for engraving amber jade.



The application of UV laser technology in jewelry and jade carving has become the mainstream in the industry. This technology can achieve high-precision and high-speed engraving, and can carry out micron-level fine engraving on the surface of jewelry and jade, which greatly enhances the artistic and ornamental value of jewelry and jade.



The RFH 5-watt UV laser is a high-efficiency, high-precision laser with stable output power that can complete large-area engraving in a short time. In addition, the laser has high beam quality and can achieve fine engraving effects. These features make this laser an ideal choice for the jewelry and jade engraving industry.


The choice of Yiwu customers also fully proves the quality and performance of RFH UV lasers. After they purchase the laser, they can apply it to the engraving of amber jade to achieve finer and more beautiful engraving effects. This not only improves their production efficiency, but also enhances their product quality and competitiveness.



In general, the application of UV laser technology has become an important trend in the jewelry and jade carving industry. As a leader in the industry, the RFH 5-watt UV laser will continue to contribute to the development of the jewelry and jade carving industry in the future.

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