RFH 10W Ultraviolet Laser For Frosted Marking On Photovoltaic Glass

Release time:2021/09/15

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RFH 10W ultraviolet laser for frosted marking on photovoltaic glass

glass frosting

Glass marking, frosting, cutting, drilling, one RFH 10w UV laser is enough



Photovoltaic glass, also known as "photoelectric glass", uses solar radiation to generate electricity, and is a special glass with related current extraction devices and cables. From this point of view, photovoltaic glass has some very important applications in current buildings, and it also has some very important values for environmental protection and green resources.


The technology of RFH 10w UV laser for frosting and marking on photovoltaic glass has gradually matured, which can well meet the current market requirements for photovoltaic glass. The high peak power and high energy density laser of the RFH UV laser can instantly vaporize the glass, and then cooperate with the motion control to frost and mark the glass at the specified position. Glass laser marking and frosting have high precision, small edge chipping, no consumables, no maintenance, and are easy to integrate and apply to automatic production.


The integrated ultraviolet laser is small and exquisite in size, and can be used only by connecting and plugging in. The operation is simple and fast, and it can run automatically without special care, which greatly reduces production costs. The feature of zero thermal effect also avoids the instantaneous gasification process of glass Broken or damaged in the middle, it really provides marking frosting assistance.


A RFH 10w UV laser can meet a variety of glass applications, such as marking, frosting, cutting, and drilling. It is very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises to order.


Such a UV laser that can help solve multiple problems and multiple processes was developed by RFH after years of research and development, and RFH is still at the forefront of domestic laser research and development, and insists on contributing to the domestic laser industry.

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