UV Laser Power 3W 5W 8W 10W 12W With Power Supply

Release time:2021/09/15

uv laser

UV Laser Engrave Machine Solutions

The fiber laser engraving machine has as a primary use engrave and offer solutions to the metal marking industries, this machine
it can mark, engrave (see the difference between engraving and mark) and carve over all the metal materials. Moreover, the UV
laser is designed to be a practical solution for marking plastics and glass — the UV laser machine it can engrave a vast number of
materials, from metals to paper. Check the list of materials that this machines can engrave and mark.

UV Laser Marking Machine for Non-metal and Metal Applications

Mark: some metals
Mark and engrave: all plastics
Mark: all glass 
Mark and engrave: some stones
Mark: paper
Mark and engrave: leather
Mark: fruits
Mark: wood
Mark: ceramic
Mark: garments
And other materials, for more information consult us.

As we can see the laser UV, it can engrave more materials than the fiber laser. The UV laser it can mark over different materials,
but it has less power of engraving and carving over metal materials, it is there when the fiber laser machine it can have a
significant advantage over the UV laser at the time of mark, engrave and carve metal materials.


10W 12W UV Laser Cutting PCB board

he most used in the electronic communication industry is 10W 12W for PCB circuit board cutting. Most customers need automated UV cutting.

So it have to required 10W 12W UV laser power.

Medical Industry Marking by UV Laser Machine

All we know, most medcine bottle with soft plastic, so fiber laser marking machine engrave on it that easy to burn and bad marking result.

The UV Laser engraved on soft plastic that engraved result no any touch feeling.


Leather Industry Engraving by UV Laser

Even we know co2 laser engrave machines also engraved it on leather.But UV laser machine engraved result 

more better than co2 laser.


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