RFH 5W UV Nanosecond Laser Marking Ceramics

Release time:2021/09/15

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RFH 5W UV Nanosecond Laser Marking Ceramics


Ceramic art is a representative traditional craft in ancient China. It plays a very important role in China's literary history and cultural development, and plays an important role in foreign trade and cultural communication. Modern ceramic technology is moving towards automation, and the development of ceramic marking is also rising.


The appearance of RFH 5w UV laser at several recent ceramic expos was very eye-catching. On the spot, RFH provided a machine model and demonstrated the marking process of a ceramic teapot.

355 Nm UV Laser Cold Light Source Marking ceramics

It can be seen that the RFH ultraviolet laser emits a very small light spot, leaving the required pattern on the drawing after passing through the surface of the ceramic teapot, and the positioning and accuracy of the pattern have reached about 0.02mm, which fully meets the requirements of ceramic customization in the current market , and the marking speed is extremely fast, capable of mass production.


In addition, RFH independently developed the Q-switching technology, which uses the combined effect of air cooling and water cooling to quickly cool down, and can automatically run the program without special care. Greatly reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency. The ceramic teapot marked by RFH on site satisfied many customers who participated in the exhibition and expressed the intention of cooperation.


After more than ten years of research and development of RFH ultraviolet lasers, it has helped and supported the development of ceramic marking in my country to the greatest extent, and has brought ceramic technology to a higher level.

What is the function of 5w UV laser?


According to market development needs, Shenzhen RFH Laser Technology Co., Ltd. newly launched S9 series 5w lasers including water-cooled and air-cooled. Compared with similar products, the S9 series is smaller in size, more refined in design, and more stable in light output. The small and exquisite design means that users do not need to enlarge the optical path, which can greatly reduce costs and save space, and can be easily installed in flying marking equipment. The S9 UV laser is not only small in size, but also has a more stable cavity structure and stronger expandability than similar products. The same cavity can generate lasers of various powers, and the stability of different power ranges has been greatly improved


Features of the new S9 UV laser:

1. The laser wavelength is 354.7nm, and the repetition frequency covers a wide range (10kHz to 200kHz); the power range is 3.0w~10.0w

2. Superior beam quality (M²<1.2), strictly guaranteed in all frequency ranges; pulse width<12ns@30k, small heat-affected area during processing

3. The unique Q-switching control technology is suitable for various laser application control requirements; the laser has a longer life and more stable operation.

4. Full digital intelligent power control technology, simple operation and convenient monitoring

5. Support communication with computer, external control of laser through RS232; integrated design, convenient for equipment integration

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