5w UV Pulsed Laser For 3D Subsurface Engraving

Release time:2021/09/15

5w UV pulsed laser for 3D subsurface engraving

Glass is a highly malleable material that is melted at a high temperature and poured into specific containers to achieve customization. After being solidified into the required glass products, many glass products still need secondary processing, and this is the world of lasers.


Recently, Mr. Chen from a large glass factory came to RFH, hoping to find a machine in RFH that can help 3D glass products to perform secondary relief. RFH's sales staff led him to visit RFH's production workshop, and finally recommended a 5w UV laser to him.


RFH 5w ultraviolet laser is a laser machine developed by RFH after more than ten years. It uses ultraviolet light spots to carve on the glass surface. The small wavelength of the machine determines its high beam quality and small laser plate, which also enables it to realize Precise engraving requirements for glass reliefs.


Secondly, because the laser frequency of the RFH ultraviolet laser is very suitable for glass materials, it avoids the disadvantage of easily breaking glass in traditional engraving, and greatly improves the cost saving.


In addition, the RFH ultraviolet laser can be operated by only one person, and can operate independently without special supervision in mass production. It is also dust-free in production, and is more suitable for today's environmental protection and production requirements in many aspects.


The importance of glass in our life is self-evident. Glass relief technology has been further improved with the participation of laser. RFH has continuously demonstrated its foundation and strength in the production of Mr. Chen's factory, and will cooperate with glass relief technology in the future. progress.

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