355nm Wavelength Ultraviolet Laser For Cutting Mobile Phone Glass

Release time:2021/09/15

355nm wavelength ultraviolet laser for cutting mobile phone glass

At present, the full screen of mobile phones accounts for a huge proportion in the design of mobile phones. Many mobile phone manufacturers will choose to deploy universal screen applications, and the concentrated release of demand for mobile full screens has also increased the demand for mobile phone universal screen glass.


In addition, the full screen of mobile phones not only has flat glass, but also curved glass, and different models of mobile phones have different curvatures, which also puts extremely high requirements on glass cutting manufacturers. What is the technology suitable for the current mobile phone glass cutting?


The answer is a 355nm UV laser. RFH is a manufacturer of ultraviolet lasers. The ultraviolet lasers designed and developed by RFH are small in size and easy to install. For mobile phone glass with a thickness of 0.15±0.3mm, it can cut an accurate boundary within 0.2mm.


Compared with the traditional cutting method, the ultra-short pulse less than 10PS, extremely high peak power, and almost zero thermal effect can cooperate with the cutting process to effectively reduce edge chipping and increase glass strength. In addition, the cutting of mobile phone glass by ultraviolet laser eliminates the grinding and polishing process, and one-time molding greatly improves processing efficiency and reduces processing costs.


The reason why RFH UV lasers are welcomed by many major manufacturers is that in addition to the above advantages, it also provides high-quality after-sales service and consulting services to help and support customers from all aspects.

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