15w High Power Uv Laser De-Paneling For PCB

Release time:2021/09/15

The  high power UV laser is 355 nm avelength, with a "cold marking" method, the laser beam diameter is only 20 μm after focusing, the UV laser's pulse energy comes in contact with the material in the microsecond. There is no significant thermal influence next to the slit, so no heat damages the electronic component.

 Nanosecond UV Laser

UV Laser is suitable for rigid and flexible substrate cutting and marking, like FR4 substrates and imitation resin-based materials, polyimide, ceramics, PTFE, polyester, aluminum, brass, and copper, etc.


- UV laser processing is non-contact processing, stress-free, and will not deform the board

- It will not produce dust, the cutting edges are smooth and tidy, and there will be no burrs

15w high power uv laser de-paneling for PCB

UV laser 355nm for engraving and marking Printed Circuit Board material

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