RFH UV laser used for plastic laser marking in Germany

Release time:2021/09/15

RFH UV laser used for plastic laser marking in Germany


As the pace of globalization accelerates, the strength of domestic manufacturing and processing industries is also constantly improving. In recent years, the German market has seen an increasing demand for high-quality plastic products, which has provided a broad stage for my country's manufacturing industry. In order to meet this demand, RFH Company has successfully entered the German market with its UV lasers, providing German customers with efficient and accurate plastic laser marking solutions.

microsurface engraving plastic


As an advanced laser processing technology, UV laser has the characteristics of high precision, high speed and high reliability. RFH's UV laser adopts the latest technology and design and can meet the laser marking needs of various plastic products. By using RFH's UV lasers, German customers can achieve high-definition, permanent marking while ensuring product quality and aesthetics.


In the German market, the successful application of RFH UV lasers has been widely recognized. More and more German customers are choosing RFH’s UV lasers and applying them to the production and processing of plastic products. Through cooperation with German customers, RFH UV lasers not only increase the visibility of our country's manufacturing industry, but also make positive contributions to the economic cooperation between the two countries.



In order to better serve the German market, RFH Company continues to improve its sales and after-sales service system. By setting up a professional sales team and technical support team, RFH provides German customers with timely and efficient pre-sales consultation and after-sales services. In addition, RFH also actively listens to customer needs and continuously optimizes product performance and functions to meet the growing needs of the German market.



In short, the successful application of RFH ultraviolet lasers in the German market is a demonstration of my country's manufacturing strength. Through continuous innovation and improvement, RFH will continue to provide better and more efficient laser processing solutions to customers around the world.

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