French customer purchased RFH nanosecond UV laser to mark black on metal bottle coating

Release time:2021/09/15

French customer purchased RFH nanosecond UV laser to mark black on metal bottle coating



Recently, a French customer purchased an RFH nanosecond UV laser for black marking on the coating of metal bottles. This equipment has won the favor of customers with its high efficiency and accuracy.


The RFH nanosecond UV laser is a high-tech product with excellent beam quality and extremely high pulse energy. It can engrave finely on the surface of various materials without causing any damage to the material. The working principle of this laser is to use a high-energy pulse laser beam to irradiate the metal bottle coating, causing the coating surface to instantly melt and form a stable mark after cooling.



Marking black on the coating of metal bottles not only makes the product more beautiful in appearance, but also enhances the anti-counterfeiting performance of the product. This laser-engraved mark is not easily tampered with or counterfeited, increasing product quality and credibility. Additionally, the black markings provide great contrast on metal bottles, making products easier to identify and track.



The use of RFH nanosecond UV lasers has brought many practical benefits to customers. First, it improves production efficiency, reduces manual intervention, and reduces error rates. Secondly, this equipment can achieve personalized marking to meet the diverse needs of customers. Finally, the RFH nanosecond UV laser has a long service life and low maintenance costs, saving customers a lot of later investment.



In short, France customers purchased RFH nanosecond UV laser to mark black on the coating of metal bottles, which not only improved the quality and reputation of the product, but also brought significant economic benefits to the customer. This advanced laser technology will play an increasingly important role in future manufacturing.

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