High Power Industrial Uv Laser Cut Pcb Board

Release time:2021/09/15

RFH 20w high-power UV laser cutting PCB circuit board, smooth and no burr

UV Laser Diode cutting PCB with reduced thermal damage


PCB is a hardware device that carries information and data in electronic appliances. Its size changes with the size of electronic equipment. In order to meet the rigid requirements of electronic equipment, RFH UV laser has customized RFH high-power UV laser for PCB manufacturers to help customers. The PCB is cut.

A major electronics factory in Dongguan recently ordered two 20w high-power UV lasers from RFH to cut PCBs of different sizes. Before that, they had already ordered a UV laser from RFH. According to Mr. Chen, the high power output of the RFH UV laser drives the cutting speed and makes it ideal for production on the fly.

In addition, during the cutting process of the RFH UV laser, a high-energy beam will be emitted, which will separate the PCB, and because the thermal effect is zero, the non-cut part can be preserved.


It is worth mentioning that Mr. Chen is very satisfied with the cutting accuracy of the RFH high-power ultraviolet laser. There is no need for extensive debugging, and there will be no frequent failures. You only need to click the software to cut, and the accuracy reaches about 0.02mm. It meets all the PCB panel cutting requirements on the market.


The participation of RFH ultraviolet lasers has enabled Mr. Chen's company to greatly increase the efficiency of PCB cutting and installation in the production of electronic appliances. The transformation was completed and with the help of RFH, it was a great success.

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