RFH 3w-5w 355nm UV Laser Marking Plastic Socket

Release time:2021/09/15

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RFH 3w-5w 355nm UV laser marking plastic socket

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Plastic sockets generally mark the brand logo on the outside, and mark the QR code on the inside. Due to the structure of the plastic socket, the size of the QR code and the logo is small, which weakens the effect of the traditional marking device.

RFH 3w-5w UV laser is a laser that can replace traditional markers and greatly improve the quality of socket marking.

RFH 3w-5w UV laser adopts a new integrated design, and the strict double-layer sealing protection can operate in high temperature and high humidity environment, ensuring the service life of the laser in different environments.


The processing speed of 3w-5w ultraviolet nanosecond laser is relatively fast, which can show high efficiency on the flying assembly line, and can also meet the needs of large-volume orders for sockets. The processing quality is high, and it can meet various sizes of socket logos and Two-dimensional code marking can also customize the size of logo and two-dimensional code marking, and design more high-end products.


RFH 3 watt 5watt uv laser source mark white on black plastic

Moreover, the RFH UV laser can take into account various processes such as plastic marking, cutting, and blackening at the same time. The feature of one machine with multiple functions solves many process troubles and improves the speed and efficiency of production.

Compared with similar products, RFH S9 series 3w-5w UV lasers are smaller in size, more delicate in design, and more stable in light output. The small and exquisite design means that users do not need to enlarge the optical path, which can greatly reduce costs and save space, and can be easily installed in the field of flying marking equipment. The S9 UV laser is not only small in size, but also has a more stable cavity structure and stronger expandability than similar products. The same cavity can generate lasers of various powers, and the stability of different power ranges has been greatly improved.


RFH UV lasers have conquered and absorbed many customers from many aspects, and surpassed traditional lasers in terms of quality, speed, service, effect, etc., continuously covering the market share, and making continuous progress in growth.

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