Laser Cutting, Engraving & Marking ABS Plastic

Release time:2021/09/15

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Laser Cutting, Engraving & Marking ABS Plastic

Illuminating the Boundaries: Laser Cutting, Engraving & Marking ABS Plastic


In the fascinating realm of laser technology, where innovation knows no bounds, one material stands out for its versatility and usefulness - ABS plastic. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) has become a staple in various industries, owing to its durability, lightweight nature, and remarkable adaptability. This remarkable thermoplastic polymer has piqued the interest of laser cutting, engraving, and marking enthusiasts, unlocking a world of endless possibilities.


Laser cutting ABS plastic offers a precision and finesse that traditional cutting methods simply cannot match. With a gentle yet powerful touch, the laser effortlessly carves intricate designs and precise shapes into the material, transforming it into a work of art. Gone are the days of cumbersome saws and heat-inducing tools; laser cutting allows for clean cuts and smooth edges, ensuring a seamless result that exudes professionalism and refinement.


But it doesn't end there. Laser engraving on ABS plastic adds a layer of personalization and creativity that ignites the imagination. Whether it's a logo, artwork, or intricate patterns, the laser intricately etches these designs onto the surface, creating a lasting impression. The ability to engrave ABS plastic offers a wide range of applications, from decorative pieces to functional components, elevating the material to new heights of sophistication.


Furthermore, laser marking ABS plastic has become a favored method for branding and identification. With impeccable precision, the laser interacts with the material's surface, leaving behind a permanent mark that defies wear and tear. This makes it ideal for adding logos, serial numbers, barcodes, or any other custom markings needed for product identification. The durability of the laser-marked ABS plastic ensures the message lasts, maintaining a professional appearance throughout its lifespan.


The advantages of laser cutting, engraving, and marking ABS plastic go beyond aesthetics. The laser's non-contact nature and focused heat minimize the risk of damaging the material, preserving its structural integrity. This level of precision not only guarantees a high-quality finished product but also reduces waste, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice. The ability to work with ABS plastic opens doors to manufacturers seeking efficiency and eco-conscious solutions.


In the ever-evolving landscape of design and manufacturing, ABS plastic continues to showcase its versatility and adaptability. From automotive parts and consumer electronics to signage and artistic creations, its presence is felt in countless industries. With laser cutting, engraving, and marking, ABS plastic becomes a medium of choice for those seeking to push boundaries and unleash their artistic vision.


The possibilities are endless when laser technology and ABS plastic collaborate. As laser enthusiasts explore the potential of this remarkable material, remarkable creations arise. Imagination finds freedom in intricate laser-cut sculptures, personalized engraved gifts, and precisely marked components that exude professionalism. The seamless blend of technology and creativity creates an undeniable allure that captivates both creators and admirers alike.


In conclusion, the marriage of laser cutting, engraving, and marking with ABS plastic shines a spotlight on a groundbreaking union. It enables the creation of precise and refined designs, personalization possibilities, and durable branding solutions. The versatile nature of ABS plastic, combined with the unrivaled precision of lasers, opens doors to a whole new world of artistic expression and manufacturing efficiency. Embrace the bond between laser technology and ABS plastic, and unlock the infinite potential that awaits.


S9-Y series solid state pulsed UV laser is ultra compact. The whole part of power supply is integrated into the laser head. This makes the size of the laser more smaller, and the integration into a system more easier and convenient. S9-Y series is of short pulse width(<12ns@30k),superior beam quality(M²<1.2) and perfect laser sport quality(beam circularity>90%).



S9-Y series uv laser characteristics:   

1. 355 nm output wavelength, Up to 200 Hz repetition rate; laser power ranging from 3w-10w; Continuous tuning of repetition rate while maintaining constant pulse energy, superior beam pointing and energy stability make the S9-Y the first choice for micromachining, marking and thin film removal applications 


2. Exceptional beam quality (M²<1.2) ,absolutely assured in all repetition rates; relatively short pulse width <12ns@30 with little heat transfer to surrounding material; perfect beam spot quality(Beam Circularity>90%) 

Close to Gaussian smooth beam profile with low value M² < 1.2 and good focusability are beneficial for applications such as  


3. Unique Q-switching technology, adapts a variety of control requirements of laser applications;Online refreshment for harmonic coupling technology;Excellent long term power stability Rugged sealed cavity, Extremely compact size, Simple and robust 


4. Digital control technology for the driver,  RS232 control interface ensures easy control and integration with laser marking equipment 


5. This laser adopts one - style design with compact and reasonable structure, easy installation. 

Easy to transport and saves space due to compact and light design 


Water cooling,cost-effective and reliable end-pumping technology and amplifier-free DPSS design guarantee easy operation and alignment simple installation and low maintenance costs


6. Industrial production process control technology,provides quality stable products.

355nm UV laser

UV laser


 RFH - The leading industrial solid-state laser manufacturer


For over 13 years with excellent long term stability and exceptional good beam quality


Production in dust-free plant & rigorous quality control system

From purchasing, pre-production quality check, assembling, finished product testing, warehouse-in inspection, pre-delivery testing to after-sales service, each step is under control to make sure product quality and consistency in both machine parameters and actual running parameters. This is what makes RFH laser lasts longer than its peers. 



The whole part of power supply is integrated into the laser head

Core components of oversea brands with guaranteed quality

Pumping, Q-switching and other core components adopt oversea brands. Work with top brand component suppliers of home and abroad. Each component is guaranteed with its quality from the beginning of materials purchasing. This is why users can trust RFH laser.  

355 UV laser


UV laser+cooling system sold in a group

Being client-oriented, RFH offers proposal of selling the whole laser system in a group so that the laser system can maximize its performance while maintaining its stability. 

UV laser


Full-digital display, supporting communication with computer, capable of laser’s remote control

Each laser developed and produced by RFH can always remain high quality in industrial and extreme conditions of scientific research. With stable beam quality, high efficiency, best cost performance and high reliability, RFH has earned good reputation in different industries at home and abroad. After 12-year development, RFH has become a reputed brand in nanosecond laser industry. 

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