Laser engraving glass, green laser or UV laser, which is better

Release time:2021/09/15

Laser engraving glass, green laser or UV laser, which is better



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At present, green lasers are widely used in the production of marking and engraving beer glasses, so many manufacturers have accelerated the promotion of production lines, and in fact, RFH UV lasers can also mark on glass.


Qingdao customer decides to use RFH UV laser to help new beer glass bottle production line


Mr. Zhang from Qingdao recently watched the marking process of the RFH UV laser through a video. After performing high-quality fine marking on glass with the UV laser in the video, he decided to use the RFH UV laser to help the newly opened beer glass bottle production line. .


In addition to marking and engraving beer glasses with green lasers, UV lasers are not inferior


Compared with ordinary green lasers, RFH UV laser marking has higher marking accuracy, the minimum precision can reach 0.02mm, and due to the small thermal effect during the marking process, the marked finished products are also more high-definition and high-definition. fine.

Compared with carbon dioxide laser marking, the size of microcracks produced by UV laser marking is smaller, which is more in line with the design of beer bottle marking and engraving.

In addition, the RFH UV laser is completely dust-free during the marking process, which is safer, environmentally friendly and greener for the food production environment, and there is no worries in terms of food quality. Finally, the UV laser has fast marking speed, high efficiency and strong stability, which fully meets Mr. Zhang's current requirements for the new production line.


RFH Nanosecond UV Laser


Compared with other brands of green lasers, RFH UV lasers have superior marking quality and high cost performance. Professional operating procedures and Q-switching control technology can help the development and advancement of production lines, and are the first choice for many companies. .

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